The Global eCommerce Newsletter 07.11.16

Amazon grows its education footprint with Amazon Inspire
Amazon launched Inspire, a free platform for learning materials. Amazon Inspire is an open education resources platform for students from kindergarten to twelfth grade. The content is a mix of “crowdsourced” resources from educators and primary content from third parties. Amazon does not earn an income directly from Inspire but the service will bolster several products that are key for Amazon’s business. These include Whispercast, a textbooks and educational apps, AWS, Kindle direct publishing, Amazon Business, and Kindle tablet.

Lazada to lean on new owner Alibaba
Besides giving strong financial support to Lazada, Alibaba now provides big data and analytic services to help Chinese retailers to sell through Lazada’s site and local retailers to sell on Alibaba’s marketplace.

7-Eleven Helping UPS Serve ‘E-Commerce-Stranded’ Consumers
UPS is working with 7-Eleven to expand its smart locker program from nine locations in Chicago to 300 locations nationwide. Walmart Canada and 7-Eleven Canada have also been testing a locker concept. “UPS Access Point lockers can be easily accessed when it fits the shopper’s schedule, giving an online retailer added value to present at checkout. The lockers enable more shoppers to enjoy the ease and simplicity of buying online.”

Chinese Cross-Border Ecommerce Sales Expected to Grow 50% in 2016
eMarketer has projected that China’s cross-border ecommerce will grow 50% this year to $85.76 billion. This year, Chinese consumers are expected to spend an average of $473.26 each on cross-border purchases. By 2020, more than a quarter of the population will shop on cross-border platforms. //Not sure how the depreciating RMB will impact cross-border ecommerce

Ecommerce in Russia shows decreased growth rate
The ecommerce growth rate in Russia has decreased from 31% in 2014 to 6.6% in 2015. The decrease in growth rate is mainly caused by the Russian economy. Average annual online spending has decreased from 741 euros in 2014 to 685 euros in 2015. Popular online purchase includes clothing, electronics, shoes, and media. It is estimated that the ecommerce market is worth 21.6 billion euro this year. Cross-border sector has grown steadily. China is a popular shopping destination.


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