The Global eCommerce Newsletter 07.25.16


1. eBay Business Supply Brings B2B Sales Under One Umbrella
eBay brought its B2B offerings under eBay Business Supply. eBay Business Supply now has Business & Industrial, SAP Ariba Spot Buy, and eBay Wholesale Deals solutions. Forrester, a market research firm, projects that the U.S. B2B ecommerce market will grow from $780 billion in 2015 to $1.13 trillion in 2020. The launch of eBay Business Supply comes 15 months after launched its own B2B marketplace, Amazon Business. In May, Amazon Business has reached $ 1 billion in sales in its first 12 months. With a broad selection, eBay has already logged $4 billion in B2B sales per year. // started its B2B portal back in 2009!

2. Thailand Retail Market 2016-2020
“The B2C e-commerce market in Thailand accounts for less than 1% of the total retail market by value. However, it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18% between 2016 and 2020 owing to increasing internet penetration, increasing trust on online payment options, and faster and efficient delivery and return options.”

3. Alibaba and Kodak team up to fight fakes
Alibaba and Kodak have teamed up in a startup, eApeiron, fighting counterfeits. The company has developed a technology that places an invisible, digitally traceable marker on products to ensure they are authentic. Kodak filed for bankruptcy in 2012. It is now a commercial printing business.

4. Southeast Asia’s aCommerce raises $10M to prepare for Series B
aCommerce, a Bangkok-based startup that helps e-commerce companies in Southeast Asia run their business, has received $10 million before a planned Series B raise. Southeast Asia has showed great potential in the ecommerce sector. aCommerce plays the role of an enabler, providing a range of services such as warehousing, logistics, store management, branding, fulfillment, and marketing to e-commerce companies.  The company is already active in Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines and plans to expand to Singapore.

5. Australian online retailers plan ‘bricks and mortar’ stores to drive more sales
18% of Australia’s online-only retailers are planning to open physical stores to drive sales. Retailers also project robust online sales in 2017 with an average 24% growth. //Amazon has set an example in the U.S.


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