The Global eCommerce Newsletter 09.26.16


[Australia] Government mulls online shopping ‘lockouts’ in GST crackdown
“Under new tax regulations coming into effect next year [as early as July 2017], overseas businesses with an annual turnover of $75,000 or more will be required under Australian law to register with the ATO to collect GST on all goods sold, including purchases under the current low-value threshold of $1000.” Overseas websites failing to comply with the change will be blocked. Smaller websites are most likely to be affected. Some support a “level playing field”, while the others argue “the lack of a business case showing any benefit from applying the tax to low-cost consumer imports”. //Another example of government meddling

[China] Shopping without Boundaries China Cross-Border E-Commerce: An Opportunity Not To Be Missed
Oliver Wyman, an international management consulting firm, recently published a report focusing on China’s cross-border e-commerce market. The report, titled Shopping without Boundaries, gives insightful analysis on the opportunities and challenges of China’s cross-border e-commerce sector. The report also compares different entry strategies and offers actionable recommendations to incumbents and new entrants. In addition, the report cautions that “[betting] the future of a Chinese business entirely on the basis of cross-border e-commerce is therefore not recommended” because of the changing regulatory environment. You can find the full report here.

[Europe] UK fashion retailer New Look launches online shop in Germany
British fast-fashion retailer New Look just launched a German website. It is now offering free international shipping until October 1st.

[Southeast Asia] Lazada partners with 40 Vietnamese retailers
Lazada has partnered with 40 Vietnamese retailers, including retailers from electronics, cookware, and jewelry. Lazada plans to claim at least 25% of the Vietnam’s online market. //More SKU counts for Lazada and more sales for retailers

[India] Alibaba ramps up B2B commerce play in India
Alibaba is partnering with logistics companies and banks for providing Indian sellers logistics support and working capital. “In the first phase, Alibaba is looking to tap SMEs focused on exports, a source said.” Some of the B2B players include India MART, Moglix,, and Amazon Business, which only has a small presence in the country.

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