The Global eCommerce Newsletter 10.24.16


[eBay] eBay’s new high-end furniture shop, eBay Collective, includes a visual search engine
eBay launched eBay Collective, a new site dedicated for high-end furniture and home items. The site utilizes visual search technology from a recent acquisition, visual search engine Corrigon. On eBay Collective, online shoppers can hover over an image of a fully designed space and the search engine will search across eBay inventory for close matches. Although eBay Collective is meant for high-end online shoppers who are looking for “unique items, antiques, contemporary design, fine art, and more”, the search engine will display similar items at different price points.

[Rakuten] Rakuten Launches RAXY Beauty Subscription Service
In an effort to allow customers to experience and discover new beauty products, Rakuten launched a beauty-subscription service, RAXY. “Registered users will receive a box of assorted cosmetics and beauty products, carefully selected by beauty experts based on the season and the latest trends for 1,980 yen (about $19) a month at the maximum.” Users can also choose from one of the four subscription plans. “Through partnerships with such brands as Revlon and SK-II, these boxes will contain three to seven items of cosmetics, hair care products, make-up accessories and beauty supplements.”

[Wal-Mart] Wal-Mart Up on Vudu Unit’s Free Video Streaming Launch
Wal-Mart has launched a free streaming service, Vudu Movie on Us. The program allows users to stream about 1,000 movies and TV shows for free. “It is aimed at attracting more subscribers to Vudu’s core business that offers titles for rent or purchase.”

[Southeast Asia] CJ O Shopping launching on Lazada
South Korea’s largest TV home-shopping network, CJ O Shopping will launch a flagship store on Lazada. As the most visited marketplace in Southeast Asia, Lazada operates in six countries. The partnership will allow CJ O Shopping to become the biggest Korean products distributor in the region.
RELATED: Watsons places products on Lazada Singapore
Healthcare and beauty chain store Watsons has formed a partnership with Lazada Singapore. The partnership now has made more than 500 products available on Lazada. Watsons now has more than 100 stores in Singapore.

[China] Wal-Mart opens store, joining China’s online shopping frenzy ahead of Singles’ Day
Three weeks before Alibaba kicks off the Single’s Day shopping festival, Wal-Mart launches a store on JD Worldwide, selling imported products from American vitamins to Japanese hand cream. The store “promises two-hour delivery to shoppers who live within miles of 20 Wal-Mart stores around China, with the number of outlets expected to double by the end of 2016.” The strategic alliance formed in June allows Wal-Mart to leverage JD’s nationwide logistics network and stock Sam’s Club merchandise in JD’s warehouse. The US retailer raised its stakes in to 10.8 percent this month.


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