The Global eCommerce Newsletter 12.19.16

Happy Holidays to you. The Newsletter will resume after the New Year. [Wal-Mart] Wal-Mart looks to boost e-commerce in Mexico with a $1.3 billion investment Wal-Mart plans to invest $1.3 billion in logistics in the next three years in Mexico. The logistics improvement plans involve building new e-commerce distribution centers and enhancing the existing ones. … Continue reading The Global eCommerce Newsletter 12.19.16


The Global eCommerce Newsletter 12.12.16

  [Amazon] Amazon opens a grocery store with no checkout line Amazon unveiled a new retail concept, Amazon Go, last week. Customers check in at the entrance of the store with Amazon Go app, grab whatever items they need, and then just walk out. “By eliminating much of the staff needed to operate a store, … Continue reading The Global eCommerce Newsletter 12.12.16

The Global eCommerce Newsletter 12.05.16

[Europe] European Council agrees to remove geoblocking The European Council agreed on November 30th to ban geo-blocking, a practice that discriminates against consumers in one country from making cross-border purchases. The European Commission said that a study of 1,400 retailers and digital content providers shows that geo-blocking of consumer goods and digital content is common. … Continue reading The Global eCommerce Newsletter 12.05.16