The Global eCommerce Newsletter 12.19.16

Happy Holidays to you. The Newsletter will resume after the New Year. [Wal-Mart] Wal-Mart looks to boost e-commerce in Mexico with a $1.3 billion investment Wal-Mart plans to invest $1.3 billion in logistics in the next three years in Mexico. The logistics improvement plans involve building new e-commerce distribution centers and enhancing the existing ones. … Continue reading The Global eCommerce Newsletter 12.19.16


The Global eCommerce Newsletter 12.05.16

[Europe] European Council agrees to remove geoblocking The European Council agreed on November 30th to ban geo-blocking, a practice that discriminates against consumers in one country from making cross-border purchases. The European Commission said that a study of 1,400 retailers and digital content providers shows that geo-blocking of consumer goods and digital content is common. … Continue reading The Global eCommerce Newsletter 12.05.16