The Global eCommerce Newsletter 12.12.16


[Amazon] Amazon opens a grocery store with no checkout line
Amazon unveiled a new retail concept, Amazon Go, last week. Customers check in at the entrance of the store with Amazon Go app, grab whatever items they need, and then just walk out. “By eliminating much of the staff needed to operate a store, Amazon keeps costs lower than traditional competitors. It’s also in a strong position to bring together data on its customers shopping habits online and offline to make better suggestions in all situations.” The first store is located in Seattle and is only open to Amazon employees.

RELATED: Amazon Beijing showroom opens at Sanlitun Square
Amazon just opened a showroom in Sanlitun shopping district in Beijing. The showroom displays imported goods from Amazon’s U.S. and U.K. websites. Customers can buy products from Amazon’s Chinese website by scanning a product’s barcode with their mobile devices. The showroom also features Amazon’s Prime service which was introduced this October in China.

[Southeast Asia] Jack Ma is helping Lazada grow
Alibaba has outlined plans to grow Lazada in Southeast Asia. The two companies will offer ecommerce trainings to 30,000 small businesses in Thailand. Doing so will bring more vendors onto Lazada and Alibaba marketplaces. Jack Ma is helping Lazada replicate how he built Alibaba in the early days by educating businesses on going online and by persuading governments to improve ecommerce infrastructure.

RELATED: Alibaba to help Thailand’s e-commerce development
On Thursday (December 8th), Alibaba signed an agreement with Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce to help develop its ecommerce industry. According to the agreement, Alibaba will help small and medium-sized Thai companies expand businesses on local and international ecommerce sites. It will also train Thai government officials on big data and artificial intelligence. In addition, Alibaba will help Thailand develop an efficient logistics system. This November, Alibaba’s financial arm, Ant Financial, just invested in Thailand’s payment company Ascend Money.

[Europe] Zalando plans to hire 1,000 engineers in aggressive expansion, leaked memo shows
Zalando, Europe’s largest online fashion retailer, plans to hire 1,000 engineers in 2017, according to a leaked memo. The Berlin-based startup has seen revenue increasing by 17% YoY. The company now has offices in seven locations and is going to become Europe’s leading online fashion platform.

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