The Global eCommerce Newsletter 02.13.17

[Australia] China’s online retail giant Alibaba launches Australian operation
China’s Alibaba has opened its first office in Melbourne to tap into the Australian and New Zealand markets. So far, there are over 1,300 Australian brands and 400 New Zealand brands on Alibaba platforms, many of which entered China for the first time through its businesses. The Alibaba Group also signed a memorandum of understanding with Australia Post to strengthen trade opportunities and announced a $26m scholarship program at the University of Newcastle.

[India] Amazon India proposes $500m food venture
Amazon India has applied to the government to invest US$500 million in a wholly owned venture that will allow the US ecommerce giant to stock locally produced food items and sell them online. If successful, it would become the first foreign retailer to enter the segment.

[China] Walmart now owns 12% of Alibaba arch-rival
Wal-Mart has increased its stake in China’s second-largest ecommerce firm to 12.1 percent from 10.8 percent.

[U.S.] Amazon accounts for 43% of US online retail sales
An analysis by Slice Intelligence found that 43% of all online retail sales in the US went through Amazon in 2016, up from 33% in 2015. According to the study, which analyzed more than 4 million online purchases, Amazon accounted for the majority (53%) of the growth in US e-commerce sales for the year. Electronics contributed to an estimated 18% of the company’s sales growth in 2016. The other contributors were home and kitchen category (15%), apparel and accessories (12%), food (11%), and health and beauty (10%).

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