The Global eCommerce Newsletter 04.10.17 (No. 50)

[Southeast Asia] Singapore & Malaysia to join Amazon’s ecommerce family soon
Amazon has announced the launch of its ecommerce websites in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam by the end of 2017. iPrice, which is Amazon’s prime affiliate partner, is a meta-search website present in seven countries of Southeast Asia. The company states that its partnership with the ecommerce giant will help Amazon with the needed marketing channels to aggressively market its products and services to the competitive ecommerce sector.

[U.K.] Amazon expands into UK’s £96bn business-to-business market
Amazon Business will sell office supplies, industrial tools and laboratory kits to companies in the U.K. The UK online market for business-to-business sales was valued at £96.5bn for 2015 by the Office for National Statistics. The service has already been launched in the US, where it is generating more than $1bn (£800m) in annual sales and works with more than 400,000 businesses.

[U.S.] With Amazon Cash, E-Commerce Giant Courts a New Demographic: the ‘Unbanked’
With the launch of Amazon Cash, Jeff Bezos is making a bid to expand the e-commerce giant’s reach to unbanked consumers, who operate outside the typical financial system and don’t have credit or debit cards. Amazon Cash users can print or download bar codes on their mobile phones, and then add cash to their accounts at merchants like CVS that participate in the program. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. reported that 7% of U.S. households were unbanked, or did not have accounts at a insured financial institution, in 2015. Another 19.9% had checking or savings accounts but also used unconventional, non-banking financial services.

[Vietnam] Vietnam eCommerce Grows; Digital Payment Doesn’t
According to data from eMarketer, ecommerce sales in Vietnam are projected to grow 22 percent this year. 85 percent of ecommerce buyers in Vietnam reported that their primary payment method for digital was cash on delivery (COD). Only 15 percent reported payment mostly through digital methods, according to a survey by DI Marketing. Vietnam isn’t alone in its ecommerce growth without an accompanying rise in digital payments. India, 80 percent of ecommerce transactions were paid via COD in 2015.

[Netherlands] 23% of Dutch ecommerce happens via mobile
9 percent of online purchases in the Netherlands happen via smartphones, while the tablet accounts for 14 percent. Although shopping via a smartphone or tablet becomes more popular, the percent still lags behind. In the United Kingdom, over 30 percent of all ecommerce transactions happens on smartphones. And in China, the number is over 70 percent.
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